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Peter Leckett

The Old Barn

The Old Barn

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  • Acrylic on cradleboard
  • 30x40 in (77x102 cm), 2024
  • Signed lower righthand corner
  • Unframed
  • Published: 2024-01-09
  • Updated: 2024-04-30

One of the tricks in painting barns, or any structures really, is to obscure the point where the barn meets the ground. This roots the building so it appears to "grow" out of the earth instead of laying flat on it and gives it an organic feel. I've always felt that about barns, especially old ones, that they're an integral part of the landscape and not really a man-made like, say, a bridge or an office tower. Perhaps it has more to do with age and the longer something lasts, the more it becomes part of the natural world around us.

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'The Old Barn' captures a serene winter scene, centered around a barn. The building has a striking red façade which contrasts with the cool tones of the surrounding snowy landscape. The roof and ground exhibit patches of snow, suggesting a recent snowfall or partial melting.

The foreground features rough brushwork that creates the illusion of unkempt vegetation poking through the snow. A path or road, flanked by what seems to be a fence partially buried by the snow, leads up to the barn. The sky is a gentle wash of muted tones, blending into the snow-covered treetops in the background.

Tall, slender trees—possibly birches—stand out on the left, their bare branches and trunks creating delicate vertical lines against the sky. Overall, the composition conveys a quiet, cold winter day in a rural setting, with the warmth of the red barn inviting the viewer into the scene. The painterly technique gives the work a textured, dynamic quality that enhances the overall feeling of a peaceful, albeit chilly, countryside tableau.