Canadian Landscape Painter

Observation is key to painting landscapes.

Born and bred in the country, Peter has always felt a close affinity to nature and the world around us. Gifted with drawing skills at an early age, it just seemed natural that, one day, he would become an artist.

Always a serious amateur, he consistently developed his painting and figurative skills over the years. Part of this development was his election into the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC), the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), and, recently, the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA). Retired now, he paints full time as he pursues a second career.

Observation is key to Peter’s work. And the best way to observe is to paint en plein air. Using traditional methods of outdoor painting, these works are either completed pieces in themselves or serve as springboards for larger studio works.

Latest Work

Brothers in Arms

There are no shortage of trees around my studio. Lately I’ve been painting off the balcony. Just plop yourself down anywhere and wait for the design to come to you instead of you going to it. It just seems so much easier that way.

Abandoned Farmhouse

Sometimes less is more. I played with this small plein air piece indoors but, in the end I decided it was fine the way it was.

Red Barn (sold)

I love painting barns. This piece is a pleine air work that I “tarted up” later on in the studio.


This is the last of my winterscapes. It’s getting warm outside and I have a new pleaine air setup I’m itching to try.


This is my neighbours tree. It’s just off their veranda. I picked the spot because it looked comfortable. And once I settled down, I noticed the tree.

If a Tree Falls

You can’t go wrong with swamps and ditches.


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