Peter Leckett OSA, SCA, CSPWC

Peter Leckett's contemporary landscapes are a reflection of the dynamic countryside of the Ottawa valley and the surrounding Gatineau Hills. Growing up in a constantly changing northern climate, he has always found a wealth of diverse subject matter in the rugged Canadian landscape.

Born on the outskirts of Ottawa during the 50's, Peter showed a talent for drawing at an early age. Although tempted by a career in art, he choose instead to attend the University of Waterloo, graduating with a degree in mathematics. Peter continued his interest in art by attending various classes and workshops, most notably the Ottawa School of Art. After retiring from a successful career as a software engineer, he has now embarked on a second career as a visual artist.

He is an elected member of several societies including the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) and, recently, the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA).

  • Artists Statement

    I prefer to begin my work from live models. In the case of landscape, more often than not, this starts with a plein air painting. My focus at that point is to record and respond to the subject matter and environment as best I can. Working quickly, masses are blocked in and the basic structure is expressed. Mark making plays an important part as do good drawing skills and a sense of design.

    Once back in the studio, I begin modifying the work as I see fit. Sometimes no modifications are needed. However, usually this isn't the case so a few tweaks are often required. I begin to coax imagery out through a process of trial and error. And this is where the magic tends to happen. I never use photographs and instead rely on my knowledge of subject matter gained through years of observation and sketching. Imagination is key.

    And so we repeat the process. As I mentioned, I don’t use photography other than to record the progress of the work, mostly for posting on social media. Both Instagram and Facebook are important sounding boards for me. Posting work provides invaluable feedback on direction and quality. And social media provides inspiration (and humility) by following the work of others. It is truly a wonderful time to be an artist.

  • Exhibitions

    • 2023 - SCA International Juried Online Exhibition
    • 2022 - OSA Ambient Landscapes, 150th Anniversary Members Exhibition, Art Gallery of North Humberland, Cobourg
    • 2016 - CSPWC Ontario East Members Show, Brockville Arts Centre, Brockville
    • 2013 - SCA National Open,45th National Open Juried Exhibition, Ogilvy Centre, Montreal
    • 2013 - SCA Members Show, Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, Toronto
    • 2009 - Ottawa International Airport
    • 2008 - CSPWC - Open Water - John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
    • 2007 - Ottawa Watercolour Society - Cube Gallery, Ottawa
    • 2006 - Society of Canadian Artists - Ogilvy Centre - Montreal
    • 2005 - Society of Canadian Artists - Ogilvy Centre, Ottawa

  • Publications

    • 2002 - International Artist - Oct/Nov issue 2002
  • Elections

    • 2020 - Ontario Society of Artists (OSA)
    • 2011 - Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC)
    • 2002 - Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)

  • Academia

    • 1980 - B. Math - University of Waterloo

  • Representation

    • Electric Street Gallery, 299 Crichton Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1W3 
    • Viva Vida Art Gallery, 278 Lakeshore Road, suite #2, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9S 4K9