Peter Leckett's contemporary landscapes reflect the dynamic countryside of the Ottawa valley and the surrounding Gatineau Hills. Growing up in a constantly changing northern climate, this emerging artist has always found a wealth of diverse subject matter in the rugged Canadian landscape. His dedication to his work can be found in his commitment to executing works outdoors in sometimes harsh and challenging environments

 Always a serious amateur, he has consistently developed his painting and figurative skills over the years. Part of this development was his election into both the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) and the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA).

 Recently, Mr. Leckett has gained attention with his series of acrylic landscapes. Striving for a fresh, painterly effect, he prefers executing the majority of the work outdoors with touch ups in his studio. What the resulting pieces lack in detail are more than made up for in their honesty and simplicity. 

 Artist’s Statement 

 I almost always begin my work from live models. In the case of landscape, more often than not, this starts with a plein air painting. My focus at that point is to record and respond to the subject matter and environment as best I can.  I’m not a slave to detail. But I am focused on trying to see what is really out there and trying to avoid symbolism from entering the process. Good drawing skills and a sense of design play important roles.

 Once back in the studio, I begin modifying the work as I see fit. At this point, I reverse my way of looking at the work and begin painting from the “minds” eye so to speak. Imagination creeps in and I begin to coax imagery out through a process of trial and error.

 And so we repeat the process. I don’t use photography other than to record the progress of the work, mostly for posting on social media. Both Instagram and Facebook are important sounding boards for me. Posting work provides invaluable feedback on direction and quality. And social media provides inspiration (and humility) by following the work of others. It is truly a wonderful time to be an artist.