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Peter Leckett

Remembering November

Remembering November

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  • Acrylic on cradleboard
  • 12x16 in (31x41 cm), 2023
  • Signed lower righthand corner
  • Framed
  • Published: 2024-04-16

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'Remembering November' is a vibrant, textured painting depicting a forest scene. The top half of the painting is rich with dark and warm tones, suggesting dense foliage and trees with glimpses of lighter colors indicating light filtering through. The bottom half of the painting contrasts boldly with streaks of white, blue, and red, giving the impression of movement on the snow-covered ground. Dynamic brush strokes and a combination of scraping or sgraffito techniques to add depth and movement. The composition conveys a sense of wildness and the interplay of color and light.