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Peter Leckett



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  • Acrylic on cradleboard
  • 10x10 in (26x26 cm), 2022
  • Signed lower righthand corner
  • Framed
  • Published: 2024-04-16

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'Drift' is a pleine air painting done beside the Rideau River. The colors are subtle and natural, with soft greens and yellows used to depict the foliage, complemented by whites and darker tones that suggest shadow and depth. The sky is painted with broad, light strokes of pale blue and white, giving the impression of a partly cloudy day. The reflection of the trees can be seen in the calm water, adding a sense of tranquility to the scene. One can observe strategic brushstrokes that give the painting texture and movement. A single bird is painted in the sky, contributing to the artwork's peaceful atmosphere. The overall impression is one of quiet, natural beauty, seemingly capturing a moment of stillness in nature.